Sora - a female name from South Sudan, meaning revolution.
SORA - a revolution in global awareness. A revolution of knowledge

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The links at the top of this page direct you to various areas of scholarship about Sudan and the Sudanese Diaspora. The pages of information that can be accessed from these links fall into two categories.

The first category consists of research papers that have been generously submitted to SORA, most of which are only available on this online resource library. The second offers links to direct you to Sudan-specific webpages and websites that have been reviewed by the SORA editors. For each site we have included a short summary outlining the contents and a link below it, which takes you directly to the specific area. Alternatively you can use the Search function, typing in keywords to find sites or essays with information that you require.

We trust that you will find the sources available on this site useful. We encourage your submissions and suggestions to enrich the resources presently available through the Sudanese Online Research Association.


Sudanese Singing 1908-1958 (website)
European Country of Origin Information Network (website)
Religious Freedom in Sudan (website)
Gurtong Peace Project (website)
Sudanese recipes (website)
A long journey home (website)
This BBC photo essay follows a group of refugees as they walk the 400km back to the home they fled during the civil war. Their journey through the forests of Southern Sudan and the daily hardships they encounter are told through the story of a young mother and her two children.

Red Cross / Crescent Sudan response (website)
European Country of Origin Information Network (website)
Australias Sudan-born community - statistical summary - (Go direct to website)
Stop Genocide Now (website)
Intergenerational Conflict, Changes and resolutions within the Sudanese Community: parents vs young people, By Gatwech Puoch
Coalition for Darfur (website)

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