Sora - a female name from South Sudan, meaning revolution.
SORA - a revolution in global awareness. A revolution of knowledge

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Images of Sudan are hard to find on the internet and elsewhere. This page hosts numerous links to sites that provide images of Sudan and the Sudanese resettlement experience. SORA encourages the exploration of these sites as a simple introduction to the circumstances from which people in the Diaspora depart.

Please be respectful of the intellectual property in these images and ask permission from the author of these sites before use of the images is made elsewhere.


A long journey home (website)
Faces of Sudan (website)
Steve Dennis, photo diary from Pieri, South Sudan (website)
Trek Earth Sudan (website)
Photos of the Nuba People (website)
Kevin Carter; Puliter prize winning photographer of Sudan (webpage)
Sudanese models photosite (webpage)
WorldPhotos updated gallery of photos from Sudan (webpage)
National Geographic Sudan feature photos (webpage)
Cartoons about Sudanese politics by Gado (webpage)
Photos from Southern Sudan (website)
Photos of Sudan: buildings, landscape & people (website)
Sudanese in Australia (website)
Images of Sudanese landscapes and landmarks (website)
The 1905-1907 Professor Breasted's expeditions to Egypt and the Sudan: a photographic study - (Go direct to website)
Angry Planet (website)
African Lives, Dinka in Sudan (website)
Sudan Photo Essay (website)

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