Sora - a female name from South Sudan, meaning revolution.
SORA - a revolution in global awareness. A revolution of knowledge

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The Sudanese Online Research Association welcomes contributions of essays, papers and projects about Sudan and the Sudanese Diaspora. The following headings link to research papers that are published exclusively through the Sudanese Online Research Association Online Library. If you require further details about the authors please email.

All works submitted here are published with the author's informed consent. The views in the articles are those of the author only.

On behalf of all of the authors we ask that you please acknowledge their work if you choose to cite it elsewhere.

To contribute your own research to this library please go here.

Intergenerational Conflict, Changes and resolutions within the Sudanese Community: parents vs young people, By Gatwech Puoch
Meaning in Life, Social Connectedness and Quality of Life in Young People from a Sudanese Refugee Background (abstract only), By Sussanah Tipping
Im not going to lose my language. A sociolinguistic study of language use and attitudes to language maintenance of multilingual Dinka Sudanese teens, By Meredith Izon
The Educational Background of Sudanese Refugees: A quick guide for Australian teachers, by Rebecca Atwell
Appropriate educational approaches to encourage aesthetic self-expression, with reference to Sudanese refugees in Australia, By Peter McGuire
Life in Transit; the experiences of Sudanese refugees arriving in Australia, By Margaret Coffey
ARTICLE: Caring and Profiting: the Legal Profession and Multiculturalism - Migration Action
What Are The Sudanese People Fighting For? - Douglas Johnson book review, By Chaplain Kara Yokoju
The SAIL Program's Sudanese-sensitive service provision: a simple guide
English and literacy teaching and learning strategies for newly arrived humanitarian refugee students from Sudan, By Dawn Muir
2,000 magazine articles on Sudan - (Go direct to website)
Occupational mobility of skilled Sudanese refugee entrants in Melbourne, By Annabel Masquefa
Analysis of the legal needs of Horn of Africa people in Melbourne, Australia By Sally Aplin
Using Sudan as a case study, did the state fail in the Third World? If so, why? By Sam Rodgers
Considering the environmental situation in Sudan, were the famines of the 1980's inevitable? By Maja Graham
Where refugee camps are becoming a way of life, By Peter Browne
Surviving Africa, By Peter Browne

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