Sora - a female name from South Sudan, meaning revolution.
SORA - a revolution in global awareness. A revolution of knowledge

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Name: katie
Date: Monday 29th of August 2005
Thanks so much for the information. I\'m going to be a social worker. I wish that I could help in some way even those I go there because Iím disabled .Please let me know if there anything do from home

Name: Hanan Babiker
Date: Thursday 25th of August 2005
Thanks for information I feel that there was much value in work, if you need any help in Darfur I\'m read to do it ,I\'m social worker

Name: shirley
Date: Saturday 13th of August 2005
I have found your website very informative and useful. Thanks for making it so user friendly.

Name: Liz Gardiner
Date: Sunday 05th of June 2005
Hi, congratulations! This is a useful site. Just to let yo all know that ADEC - Action on Disability within Ethnic Communities, holds Seminar to instruct service providers about the South Sudanese History and Culture. We invite community leaders to deliver the information. Seminars are very well attended. ADEC has been asked to deliver the seminar in regional Victorian centres also, which we believe shows that service providers are keen to engage effectively with the community across Victoria. I am happy to receive suggestions/ideas/comments.

Name: Brian Oburak
Date: Wednesday 18th of May 2005
Webmaster, Iam a South Sudanese studying Computer Science in The Netherlands..if you need any help with renovating your website, I would be more pleased to give you a hand.Take care and keep the good job!!!

Name: Onyokuman
Date: Monday 18th of April 2005
This is really a great work in the name of sudanese. I will be proud to provide info from ma experience in Sudan, Uganda, DRC, Kenya and Australia should the need arise in conjunction with your research.Thanks to all.

Name: Tim O\'Connor
Date: Saturday 09th of April 2005
Thanks for being a voice and leading people like myself who want to help out.

Name: Helen Broadfoot
Date: Saturday 19th of March 2005
I live in Canada and would like you to know there are many people here who care about the displaced people of Sudan. I wish for you the peace and securityyou deserve and the ability to return to your rightful homes.

Name: tiffany hapgood
Date: Thursday 10th of March 2005
hey im only 16 and i think its really great what u guys are doing and i would love to be able to help

Name: Taban
Date: Monday 27th of December 2004
Dear comrades,As we approach the new year,may our hearts be renewed by the spirit of the strugle for freedom.Many of us got forced into exile away from our uncles,cousins,mothers and fathers.Away from where we once sang and danced to the drums ,from the soft dung ash where we wrestle for fun while tending our goats and cattle.Away from the river nile where we once fished and swam,away from our heritage!!.let this diaspora be a time to learn positive things,skills that we shall carry with us home when that great day finally comes! As Jerusalem was rebuild by Jeremiah the prophet after its destruction,so shall the disfigured image of our promised land be restored,and all its youg men shall return home with all their possesions.As you read this,take time to thing of your roots,think of your village,relatives and friends.Think of how you started out before you finally landed wherever you are now.Lets look forward in the eyes of yesterday,lest we forget who we are,and why are we where we are!May the grace of our ancestors,the love of Sudan Jedid(New Sudan),and the fellowship of all the junubiin(southerners)be with us all now and forever more-Amen.

Name: Marie Louise
Date: Monday 22nd of November 2004
I am an english tutor for sudanese students in Australia and any site that will give me information is great as I try to understand these people.Lack of english makes it hard for us to understand each other and I also need to know what their life was like before they came here.I would love emails from anyone who would like to enlighten me.Also for Brian,we have a growing population of sudanese migrants here in Tasmania,Australia and they have started the most fantastic church choir.God bless and keep us all.

Name: Editor
Date: Saturday 06th of November 2004
Brian,It depends on where you are located, and where in Australia you are looking for Southern Sudanese associations but I would recommend that you have a look at the SAIL (Sudanese Australian Integrated Learning) Program website which is based in Melbourne, Victoria. Whilst not strictly an association for Southern Sudanese, this is a great place for Sudanese people and Australians to get together to socialise and learn on Saturday mornings. The best way to contact this organisation is via email if you living outside of Australia. The link to this website is on the bottom of our home page because it is an affiliate of SORA.

Name: Brian Oburak
Date: Saturday 06th of November 2004
Iam looking for southern sudanese associations in Australia, I will be very grateful if anyone I will provide me with addresses..

Name: Taban
Date: Monday 01st of November 2004
Alas,today am home on thiz site!Did some work 4 thiz site through a friend,but visited !How nice its to behold the faces of the black girl.It gives me and many hope.Though Africa has deliberately forgotten her,it was Through her that the continent became known as the land of the blacks!That land is Sudan from the Arabic word \"sud\"(black)!!

Name: changkuoth
Date: Tuesday 26th of October 2004
please its great pleasure to open such a nice website for our people,i just found it by accident, plese continue working for our own people, my god bless u.

Name: Changkouth
Date: Friday 22nd of October 2004
Ya, this is really great work, good website,may God bless you for Services our community with bright idea and good performance. write to you later Cheers Thanks

Name: Martin Stephen
Date: Thursday 30th of September 2004
I bumped upon this website,when I was looking for Sudanese Websites inorder to explain what Iam undergoing here in the Netherlands with regard to bringing my wife from cairo to join me here in the Netherlands.It is a very imformative, impressive website that reflects the norms and values of our beloved Sudan,and it prove that once we get autonomy in south Sudan,we will be able to develop our beloved South Sudan considering the fact that we now have more than enough intellectuals who can step in the footsteps of the old guards.Go ahead with the nice work and may the Almighty God bless you.

Name: cck gradute97
Date: Sunday 15th of August 2004
I wish all the best, but why the south people aboard, they care for them selef, forgeting that thay the future of new sudan

Name: Lina
Date: Tuesday 10th of August 2004
Nice to have found this website. its great.

Name: mutaz
Date: Thursday 24th of June 2004
hi it`s so nice of you to take such a step towards a practical contripution to solve our problem in our beloved country sudan i am from northern SUDAN wish you luck .

Name: Amin Abdelatif
Date: Saturday 10th of April 2004
I wish all the best for this unique web site and hope the same to the New Sudan

Name: sam
Date: Thursday 01st of April 2004
fantastic site...but i\'m scared... my name is sam rodgers too!!! maybe dave gorman me?

Name: Esther
Date: Sunday 07th of March 2004
So glad to have found this site!

Name: Alitomas
Date: Tuesday 24th of February 2004
Dear sir,I would to shake hand for everybody contribute in sora,and i would love to be amember.thanks

Name: Bridg
Date: Saturday 18th of October 2003
Nice Work!

Name: Anna
Date: Wednesday 15th of October 2003
Hi,Can\'t believe how hard it is to find info and publications relating to Sudan. This site is a great idea!!!

Name: Kay
Date: Wednesday 15th of October 2003
hi, i was looking around the net for some info on the sudanese and i found yours. top site well done.k

Name: Matt
Date: Wednesday 15th of October 2003
Hello and welcome to the guestbook for the SORA website. Please feel free to leave a message.

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