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Sudan is not like any other country in the world. It is, therefore, a perfect country to study for school projects.

Here are some links to sites that provide basic information about Sudan:

Basic profile of Sudan

Cultural profile

Links to organisations within Sudan

Finding sites with photographs from Sudan can be hard. Here are some that we have found:

African Lives - Dinka in Sudan

Kakuma refugee camp

If you have done a project on Sudan you can submit it to our website! We cannot publish every project that is sent to us but we will try our very best. To send your project to the SORA editors please click here.

Here are some sites about Sudan and Sudanese people that are just for kids!


Sudanese recipes (website)
Veronicas story; a Sudanese refugee story (.doc)
Whats happening for children in Sudan? (website)
Drawings by refugee children - (Go direct to webpage)
Dinka alphabet - (Go direct to webpage)
United Nations Kids Introduction to Sudan - (Go direct to webpage)
Sudanese rapper Emmanuel Jal - (Go direct to webpage)
Sudanese recipes of the Dinka tribe (Go direct to website)
Blank map of Sudan (Go direct to webpage)
Australian Sudanese woman following in Aleks footsteps - (Go direct to website)
Worlds Childrens Prize winner wins for rescuing Sudanese children - (Go direct to webpage)
Monicah's Story, life in Kakuma Refugee Camp
Artwork from Kakuma Refugee Camp (Go direct to website)
Children as soldiers in the Sudanese civil war (Go direct to website)
United Nations Childrens Fund report on Sudan (Goto website)
Proverbs from Sudan (Go direct to website)
A refugee supermodel: Alek Wek (Goto website)
Poems by Sudanese refugees in Kenya (Go direct to website)
Photos of Alek Wek: Sudanese Supermodel! (Go direct to website)
The story of Valentino Deng; a Sudanese refugee in Kenya (Go direct to website)
Simple facts about Sudan (Go direct to website)
What does the flag of New Sudan symbolise? (website temporarily out of order)
Cool Planet - Oxfam kids site on Sudan (Go direct to website)
Aker Chut-Deng - Young Sudanese refugee in Australia (Go direct to website)
Food of Sudan (Go direct to website)
SOS Childrens Villages in Sudan (Go direct to website)
Nile Kids Magazine
Sudanese children in Australia
Pictures of Sudanese money

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