Sora - a female name from South Sudan, meaning revolution.
SORA - a revolution in global awareness. A revolution of knowledge

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Many Sudanese people have fled their homeland to join the growing number of Sudanese people living in other countries.

Through the hard work of humanitarian organisations, such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Red Cross and the various host states of Sudanese refugees including Australia, Canada and Germany, the resettlement of Sudanese people in safe third countries has been made possible. The needs of the Sudanese community when they arrive and settle in these nations is the focus of research presented on this page.


Gurtong Peace Project (website)
Teen Experiences of War (website)
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Access to HIV Prevention Information in the Diaspora (.pdf)
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Health Care for Refugees (webpage)
Radio National Encounters the South Sudanese in Melbourne (webpage)
Music therapy in the Australian Sudanese refugee community (webpage)
Study of Sudanese accessing medical facilities in the USA (website)
Interviews with singer Ajak Kwai (website 1 & website 2)
Sudanese Development Inititaive Abroad (SUDIA) (website) Southern Sudanese web network (website)
Waiting in Cairo: the story of Sudanese refugees in Egypt (webpage)
The Southern Sudanese in Western Australia: Worlds Apart (webpage)
Contemporary migration patterns; BBC News (webpage)
Lost Boy supporting Sudanese children in Kakuma refugee camp (webpage)
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(Go direct to webpage)
One-man Sudanese settlement support service (webpage)
International Committee of the Red Cross in Sudan (website)
Sudanese refugees in Egypt (webpage)
Lost Boys of Sudan Rebuild their Lives in the United States (website)
Sudanese community in Portland, USA (website)
Refugee Like Me: The story of an Australian Sudanese Refugee (website)
Analysis of the legal needs of Horn of Africa people in Melbourne, Australia, by Sally Aplin
Nuba Mountains International Association, USA (website)
Australian Department of Immigration: African Newsletter (website)
Australian Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs: African Newsletter (website)
Sudanese Australian Integrated Learning Program (affiliate website)
A Simple Guide to Refugees from Sudan (website)
Sudan Gate: Sudan Community News (website)
Occupational mobility of skilled Sudanese refugee entrants in Melbourne, by Annabel Masquefa
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees: Country of Origin and Legal Information (website)
Imatong South Sudan (website)

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