Sora - a female name from South Sudan, meaning revolution.
SORA - a revolution in global awareness. A revolution of knowledge

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The political landscape in Sudan is controversial and complicated. This page contains sites that discuss political issues relating to Sudan. None of the links are, to the editors knowledge, affiliated with particular parties in Sudanese politics. The purpose of the page is to provide access to political analysis of Sudan covering issues including party politics, democracy and access to aid.


Vigilance Soudan: French / English site mapping issues in S(o)udan (website)
This website is bilingual and provides regular updates on specific issues in Sudan. The site contains slightly dated articles on slavery and the role of 'petrol' in Sudan. The News Briefs section contains updated and archived news from Sudan itself. The site also provides links to French language sources on Sudan and the diaspora. Vigilance Soudan is a self-proclaimed "militant... human rights association".

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