Sora - a female name from South Sudan, meaning revolution.
SORA - a revolution in global awareness. A revolution of knowledge

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After many decades of civil conflict, a peace deal between the warring factions in Sudan was signed in January 2005. The job of securing this peace and rebuilding the infrastructure in this large and complex country poses an enormous challenge to the country's leaders, its people and the international community. The articles reviewed in this section describe the efforts and challenges facing the various players in rebuilding Sudan and ensuring the peace.


United Nations South Sudan Repatriation (website)

A pivotal aspect of the peace building efforts following the signing of a peace agreement in the South of Sudan, was the repatriation of Sudanese refugees from neighbouring countries. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees co-ordinates these efforts world-wide.

This website reports on the gradual return of the Sudanese diaspora to Sudan as a part of the peace building process. It contains updated maps of refugee movements, video materials documenting the mass movement and situation reports explaining the status of matters on the ground.

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