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One of the chief and immediate concerns for all resettled communities is learning the local language. Language teaching institutions, in countries that receive Sudanese people, need to be aware of the educational background of their students.

Apart from birth-country, it is difficult to pin-point a unifying feature of all the people of Sudan. Sudanese people can have vastly different values, languages, beliefs and collective histories to their Sudanese-born neighbours. This fact is probably best illustrated by the recent war in Sudan, which has been fought for decades on a number of fronts (North - South and intertribal especially).

This page serves to illustrate the significant variations that exist between different groups, subcultures and tribes within Sudan and therefore, among the Sudanese Diaspora. This research aims to inform people of the nuances and intricacies that make the Sudanese Diaspora so varied and diverse.

This page also provides access to research concerning the different people of Sudan and the languages spoken by them. It also contains information about the educational past of many Sudanese refugees before they flee Sudan itself or the surrounding refugee camps.


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