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The political landscape in Sudan is controversial and complicated. This page contains sites that discuss political issues relating to Sudan. None of the links are, to the editors knowledge, affiliated with particular parties in Sudanese politics. The purpose of the page is to provide access to political analysis of Sudan covering issues including party politics, democracy and access to aid.


Religious Freedom in Sudan (website)
Sudan and the UN Human Rights Treaties (website)
Sudanese Organisation Against Torture (SOAT) (website)
Women, War and Peace in Sudan (website)
UN Resolutions and reports concerning Sudan (webpage)
Justice Africa (website)
Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict (webpage)
European Coalition on Oil in Sudan (website)
Sudan Abduction & Slavery Database Project; Rift Valley Institute (webpage)
Essay: Humanitarian diplomacy in South Sudan: A critique of aid provision (webpage)
Essay: A history of political domination in South Sudan, by Riek Machar (webpage)
Energy resources in Sudan (webpage)
Whos Who is Sudanese conflict resolution? A complete guide - (Go direct to webpage)
IRINs focus on Darfur, peace and the future of Sudan (webpage)
For a Change in Sudan (website)
Child soldiers in the Sudanese civil war (website)
Slavery in Sudan - American Anti-Slavery Group (website)
The Sudan Human Rights Association (website)
Vigilance Soudan: French / English site mapping issues in S(o)udan (website)
Sudanese Embassy in the United States of America (website)
Oxfam Australia - Sudan page (website)
Essay: A federated outcome to the Sudanese civil war (website)
Sudan and the International Monetary Fund (website)
The World Bank Group in Sudan (website)
International Committee of the Red Cross in Sudan (website)
Sudanese Government Advisory Council on Human Rights (website)
Ecological Sources of the Sudanese Conflict (website)
Religious Freedom and Genocide in Sudan (website)
Initiative for Inclusive Security (website)
European-Sudanese Public Affairs Council (website)
Human Rights of Internally Displaced Persons in Sudan (website)
Human Rights Watch - Sudan page (website)
Essay: Using Sudan as a case study, did the state fail in the Third World? If so, why? by Sam Rodgers

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