Sora - a female name from South Sudan, meaning revolution.
SORA - a revolution in global awareness. A revolution of knowledge

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Many Sudanese people have fled their homeland to join the growing number of Sudanese people living in other countries.

Through the hard work of humanitarian organisations, such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Red Cross and the various host states of Sudanese refugees including Australia, Canada and Germany, the resettlement of Sudanese people in safe third countries has been made possible. The needs of the Sudanese community when they arrive and settle in these nations is the focus of research presented on this page.


Radio National Encounters the South Sudanese in Melbourne (webpage)

This 'Encounter' Program was aired on Radio National in November 2004. Margaret Coffey tells the story of the South Sudanese refugees arriving in Melbourne from the refugee camps in Kenya, Uganda and from Egypt, and their efforts to rebuild their families and culture in Australia. Coffey talks to mothers struggling to look after their own children, as well their nieces and nephews and orphans, and to fathers trying to construct a new way of living for the Dinka community in Australian society. This is a transcript of the program.

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