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In 2003 and 2004 militia, known as the Janjawid / Janjaweed, attacked civilians in the western region of Sudan. Throughout 2004 and 2005, newspapers across the globe were awash with parallels between the Darfur crisis and the Rwandan genocide of 1994 after UN Secretary General Kofi Annan highlighted the similarities. For all the wrong reasons, Sudan again made it to the top of the global agenda.

The violence against civilians in Darfur continued into 2006 and left the area at severe risk of famine. UN reports suggest that 400,000 people have died, 2.5 million people have been displaced, and a further 3.5 million face food shortages.

The links below direct you to reviewed websites that detail the events in Darfur over the last few years.


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UN Consolidated Apeals Process report on Darfur, 2004 (webpage)
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IRIN: A focus on Darfur, peace and the future of Sudan (webpage)

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