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Many Sudanese people enter refugee camps immmediately after they flee Sudan. These camps are usually run by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in conjunction with other non-governmental organisations. They aim to provide a safe stopping place for people who have fled Sudan for fear of persecution. Sudanese people can live in these camps for many years before they are offered a visa to enter another country.
The sites and articles below offer some insight into the experiences that Sudanese refugees have in these camps.


Household Food Economy Assessment in Kakuma refugee camp (website)

Save the Cchildren Fund (UK) developed a "programme to develop a famine early warning tool... Part of this work has involved the development of a method for investigating how refugee families survive once conditions have stabilised. The method (known as the Household Food Economy Analysis) can be used for assessing food needs.

In October 1996, SCF carried out an assessment using this approach in Kakuma refugee camp on behalf of WFP/UNHCR Kenya." The summarised report discusses the prevalence of anaemia in the camp and issues of "recycling" to gain additional ration cards. It concludes with four recommendations.

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